Jelurida’s sustainable and energy efficient ecosystem is a big sign for the blockchain universe

There is no denying that cryptocurrency mining and processing of decentralized transactions requires a lot of energy. According to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, the total energy consumption of the bitcoin network reaches 131.12 TWh-which is almost equal to Argentina’s total energy consumption.

Experts claim that the energy consumption and e-waste generated during bitcoin mining is mainly associated with the “proof-of-work” consensus algorithm (PoW). Elon musk also reversed his decision to accept bitcoin as payment, citing the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies as the main reason.

New and upcoming crypto projects are aimed at the Yesil green business, thanks to pressure from NGOs and regulators, industrialists and entrepreneurs and the crypto community in general.

To promote the Yesil cryptography initiative, Swiss-based blockchain company Jelurida offers an energy efficient and reliable ecosystem for dApps that can support a wide range of real-world use cases. Unlike the PoW mechanism, which consumes a lot of energy, jelurida-managed blockchain networks are based on the 100% consent to participation (PoS) consensus protocol, which requires minimal equipment and reduces energy consumption and e-waste.

Jelurida develops and supports ardor, Ignis, and NXT blockchains, thus providing a complete ecosystem for creating and deploying custom decentralized applications. Ardor is a multi-chain platform with a unique parent-child architecture that provides full compatibility and flexibility to support a variety of use cases.

Ignis is a fully equipped, low-cost ardor children’s network that supports advanced privacy mechanisms. Nxt is a universal framework for the ongoing transformation of distributed ledger technology. Launched in 2013, Nxt is the first blockchain to implement the 100% POS consensus protocol, making it highly reliable and energy efficient.

Using environmentally friendly technologies is one of the most important challenges for cryptography

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