Jelurida’s PoS consensus focuses on sustainable energy development issues related to cryptocurrencies

Amid the wild growth of cryptocurrencies, a concern about the huge carbon footprint appears to have resurfaced. Accelerated by a Tweet from Ilona Musk in which she said the digital mining currency is hurting the environment, several key ecologists, NGOs and governments are demonstrating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

Several reports published by well-known institutions are increasingly critical that cryptocurrency “mining” requires large amounts of energy, which leads to increased carbon dioxide emissions. According to Cryptocurrency Economist Alex de Frieza, the energy consumption for a bitcoin transaction is equivalent to the energy consumption of the average American household for 25.91 days.

The growing adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to more miners and mining businesses using powerful computers that consume more energy. Various studies around the world agree that the mining of cryptocurrencies is harmful to the environment, and crypto and blockchain companies should look for environmentally friendly ways to use their computers for mining and trading operations.

To address this challenge, Ardor, NXT and Ignis blockchain company Jelurida offer a sustainable solution that is efficient, compliant and at the same time extremely environmentally friendly. Compared to other known PoW-based blockchains, the Jelurida ecosystem is based on the POS consensus protocol, known for its low energy consumption and limited environmental impacts.

Governments, investors, and other leading figures of environmentally friendly technologies, sustainable jelurida and ardor blockchain ecosystem insist on is the right place for some of the most talented and decentralized projects. The Ardor blockchain and NXT proof-of-participation model have been tested in many real use cases, including government-sponsored projects.

In 2020 Jelurida supported the Austrian Federal Ministry

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