Jack Dorsey tips on Lightning Network Integration on Twitter

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey yesterday hinted at the possibility of integrating the Lightning Network into Twitter. Dorsey responded to a follower's tweet saying it was "just a matter of time" for that to happen. Dorsey is a big supporter of Bitcoin and has extended the functionality of Bitcoin to another company, Square. Jack Dorsey hinted at Twitter/Lightning Network integration Jack Dorsey yesterday hinted at the possibility of integrating Lightning Network into Twitter. In response to a follower's tweet, Dorsey stated that it was "just a matter of time" for that to happen. Interestingly, the conversation started around an app called Sphinx. The application uses the Lightning Network as a way to transfer messages between a number of users and for payments. Lightning Network is a second layer protocol for payment convenience in Bitcoin. It was designed in 2016 as a way to provide scalability for micropayments. But it took some time to develop the network concept in the real world. Now there are Lightning Network applications that are mostly functional, despite some limitations. The integration issue may make more sense than you might think. The decentralized social media protocol Bluesky created by Twitter may include the Lightning Network as more than just a payment method. It can be used to become the backbone of a new architecture, as the Sphinx chatter uses it. It can also help find decentralized solutions to censorship problems. For example, Twitter banned former President Trump last year, raising concerns about the platform's unbridled power. 'It's Just a Matter of Time' isn't the first time Dorsey has made such a statement. In 2019, the entrepreneur hinted at the integration of the Lightning Network for Cash App. Cash App is a Square service that allows customers to buy Bitcoin directly. The reference was made in a podcast with Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs. But the company still has no idea.

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