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There are incredible stories everywhere you look around Ethereum right now. Climbing the cryptoart superrare platform is definitely one of them. 
Indeed, since its launch in April 2018, SuperRare has contributed:
+ 1,400 artists on board
Nearly $ 100 million raised in the form of artwork
More than $ 3 million in copyright awards to artists
And that’s just the beginning! This is because the creators of the platform today released superrare Dao and SuperRare 2.0, which requires the launch of the new $RARE curated version. 
What is the idea? To the future of superrare’s history as a global art ecosystem in the hands of the platform community through curation. Let’s dive in and examine the details., 
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The next generation of SuperRare is coming. SuperRare 2.0 is a series of enhancements for SuperRare that aim to provide creative employees with better tools, add value to the community, and decentralize the platform’s curation.
To achieve these goals, the new 2.0 system relies on several major new versions:  
Nadir $ rare token a new curatorial token to be used for” the transition of ownership and curation from network to community.””In the future, rare dollars will also be used to fund things like grants and incentives for curation in the superrare ecosystem. 
💥 SuperRare DAO is a decentralized organization where rare dollar holders will submit market parameters, curated events, and a new treasure trove from which all superrare now earned will flow. 
💥 Superrare spaces these are galleries that will function as “independently operating storefronts” supported by the SuperRare infrastructure and” actively manage, promote and market the works of their chosen artists.””New areas can only be approved through community management.  
Sovereign sovereign smart contracts system 2.0 also introduces the “sovereign minimum”

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