IT expert caught in Polish police department for mining cryptocurrency

Polish police have discovered a covert operation to extract cryptocurrencies at their headquarters in Warsaw, local media reported. An IT professional accused of printing digital coins on police computers has been fired and the case handed over to the prosecution.

Polish police arrest IT expert for crypto mining at work
Agents of the Polish national police discovered what local media described as a cryptocurrency mining company at the Policja headquarters in Warsaw. The mining operation was reportedly organized by an IT specialist, a civilian law enforcement officer.. it was reported by the news portal citing two independent sources.

The crypto miner uses police computers, which he updates with graphics cards and special software. While mining equipment has consumed serious amounts of electricity as a result of the energy-intensive process of coinage, the real problem is that data from a police database may have been leaked.

The computer network stores a lot of sensitive information, such as employee reports and digital files. Police officers say their databases have not been hacked and so far there have been no breaches in the police’s internal data network.

The IT specialist has been laid off and the contract of another employee, whose role has not yet been revealed, has also expired. National Police (KGP) spokesman Inspector Mariusz Chiarka confirmed to the vyborch newspaper that the crypto miner was fired immediately. He also commented:

The device he used was not connected to any database, and the case stems largely from the theft of electricity, dubbed the “mining cryptocurrency.”

A Polish police spokesman added that the case had been handed over to the Warsaw prosecutor’s office while the investigation was ongoing to determine whether a crime had been committed. Experts are currently working on the assessment

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