Istikrarlı paralar USDC en BUSD eten het marktaandeel van Tether (USDT)op

Sunday Sunday as the overall cryptocurrency market continues to expand with an increasing number of users, stable coin suppliers are vying for a large market share. The tether stable coin (USDT) appears to continue to dominate the market, with $ 61 billion floating in the market.

Still, rivals such as usdc Circle and BUSD Binance seem to be making big strides in the Sunday. This is because no USDT has been released in the past two months. As a result, its stock value and market capitalisation have fallen to a historic low of just 57.38 per cent.

This provides ample space for competitors such as USDC and BUSD to enter the Sunday market. During the same period, USDC’s share increased by 24.39%, while BUSD’s share increased by 10.9%.

Thanks: CoinMetrics, TheBlock
Growing regulatory problems Tether
Tether regulation issues don’t seem to be over anytime soon. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a criminal investigation into possible bank fraud last week.

As Bloomberg reported, ” Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Tether was hiding from banks that linked transactions to the crypto.”The case dates back to the early days of Tether, and the suspicion of issuing extra dollars during the Bull run in 2017 is not actually supported by physical dollars.

Teter said he is finally ready to cooperate with law enforcement. Amid regulatory tightening, tether appears to have halted new additions to the market.

It appears the company is not prepared to discuss it with regulators. Last month, in July, tether CTO Paolo Ardoino came to confess in the case. Comment on Tether loss of Sunday Share by rivals, he said:

Everyone gets it from the king, not the smallest. Yes.. (but click bait is more important.) Competition and diversification are necessary for success in any industry.

Believe it or not, let everyone grow so that the sum of all the voices will be higher.”Here’s what stableko is

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