Israel to start capturing Bitcoins used by Hamas

The Israeli government has announced the destruction of Palestine’s most famous paramilitary group, the Hamas bitcoin network, and cryptocurrency accounts. Israel has suggested that Hamas is raising money in cryptocurrency to fund military operations against Jewish people. Hamas is a Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip. 

As reported by WGN Radio 750,

“Law enforcement has seized more than 150 cryptocurrency accounts that they say laundered money from accounts and accounts managed by the group.”

Israeli Defense Minister Benny ganz spoke at a bilateral conference with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon, Washington. Ganz said Hamas was leading the Israel Defense Forces to seize and destroy crypto accounts.

After the joint operation, the Ministry said they had “discovered the electronic wallet network” used by the Hamas group to raise money in the form of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to bolster its armed forces. Ganz claimed that Palestinian militants had run online fundraising campaigns for the Palestinian army following the 11-day attacks in Gaza in May 2021. The funds were raised as a decentralized currency to prevent monitoring by Israeli authorities.

“The intelligence, technology and legal tools that enable us to take money from terrorists around the world represent an operational breakthrough,” Ganz said

Spend on US crypto accounts
The U.S. Department of Justice conducted a similar campaign against terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS in 2020. These groups have created cryptocurrency accounts that are used to support the financial needs of their armed activities.

The United States has shown that it has purchased more than $ 2 million worth of cryptocurrencies from these terrorist organizations. But the investigation continued, and Hamas was also part of the U.S. Justice Department’s speculation. Hamas, sh

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