Is quantum computing jeopardizing Bitcoin's future? Quantum expert Andrew Fursman on the future of crypto

Quantum computing expert Andrew Fursman believes that quantum attacks will threaten the security of Bitcoin (BTC) in the future. In a video, Fursman points out that the enormous computing potential of quantum machines could compromise Bitcoin's security. "It has been mathematically proven that if you have a device that looks like the kind of quantum computers people want to build, you can decipher this information much better than you can with conventional devices." Fursman argues that no matter how mature quantum computers are, a solution must be found. "Quantum computers can be cryptographically useful, whether they come out tomorrow, five years from now, or ten years from now. These devices can do something you might not want if you are a secret person … so to explore different ways blockchains are based on cryptography and are particularly relevant. value. for the things that quantum computers can do in the future. And this is not at all for people, how much is going to be a problem? And what things might not be a problem yet, but can we want to think about it? It's better to be better than sorry. I said that we could be at the point where the biggest computers we build today form a logical qubit for one of these large devices … So if we need a thousand times more qubits, maybe we'll need a few years. in., we use them in both error correction and number logic. You need to think a little bit about magnification in terms of I am.

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