Is it too late to buy bitcoin?

Did I miss my chance to buy Bitcoin at a good price? It is a question that runs through the minds of every investor, especially new entrants to the market. A little over a year ago, Bitcoin was below $5,000 after the asset fell 18.3% in March 2020, and for a while, the world seemed to have pushed Bitcoin further down the list of things to worry about. . This was when the pandemic began its massive flight that has continued to this day, and may I add, countries were locked in one after another. Related literature | Investment Strategists Gave 3 Reasons To Buy Bitcoin Analysts have made a few predictions about how it will affect the financial markets, although some predict a massive drop in the markets. And for a while they were right. In March, the markets crashed and people lost large sums of money in a matter of days, sometimes hours. But then it was May. Bitcoin Chart Shows Progress From April 2020 to Present | Source: BTCUSD on The chart above shows how Bitcoin started to recover in April and continued to rise in May without looking back. Shortly after, Bitcoin was in the $10,000 range and many thought they had missed the boat to buy Bitcoin. Then Bitcoin went to $20,000, most people thought they missed the boat and it was too late. Same song and dance until we hit $60k and come back to where we're currently just over $37,000 at the time of writing this article. Why You Should Buy Bitcoin There are several good reasons to buy Bitcoin; It is independent of other asset classes. Bitcoin is a new asset class. Since it is a digital currency, it is not subject to inflation or devaluation where fiat currencies are. It is a good store of value. Bitcoin cannot be seized by the authorities. There are many more reasons, but I've listed a few. Related literature | The bank started blocking the shares of companies using Bitcoin at t. Purchasing

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