Is BitClout a scam or is it the next big thing?

There are valid reasons to suspect BitClout. However, this article exists as a defense needs to be made for it. This thing is backed by some of the biggest names in the crypto industry. And the amount of development surrounding it is insane for a budding project. Remember, BitClout was launched online less than two months ago. And everyone thought it was some kind of joke. There is something suspicious about BitClout. However, fraud is a dozen coins. There is also something special about BitClout. If this is a scam, this is a very good thing. This series started with an introduction. In retrospect, the voice was very loud. Especially since we learned of the existence of this article from NYmag. It implies the same as ours but in a more elegant way. Related reading | This ongoing Bitcoin wallet attack stole $ 22 million in BTC, and the article apparently reveals the identity of Diamondhands, the mysterious creator of the new social network. The author describes him as: … A well-known entrepreneur named Nader Al-Naji, an entrepreneur known for starting an ambitious but unsuccessful cryptocurrency business a few years ago. Using his real name, Al-Naji began posting vacancies for a new operation last fall, but since the release of BitClout, he has refused to verify his identity, even to reporters who interviewed him. The article also satirizes the hypocrisy of staying anonymous when using the names, similarities, and profile photos of all these influencers. You made a good point. BTC price chart on Bitbay | Source: BTC / USD on Regardless, the following breakdown uses terminology specific to the BitClout ecosystem. If you don't understand something, check out Bitcoinist's promotional post. The argument that BitClout is a scam. The only way to participate is by trading Bitcoin for their own tokens, BTCLT. You can buy designer coins with this BTCLT. Now your money is buried in BitCl at two levels

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