Iran’s Central Bank should regulate cryptocurrencies, securities watchdog says

As Bitcoin mining is a regulated activity in Iran, the head of the country’s Securities and exchange regulator believes the Central Bank should focus its attention on cryptocurrencies. The regulator is ready to consider placing crypto trading while regulating digital assets.

Capital Markets regulator to consider crypto trading as central bank regulates cryptocurrencies
The Iranian Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) does not plan to trade cryptocurrencies on the country’s capital market, but that could change if cryptocurrencies are properly regulated. Muhammad Ali Дехкана, возглавляющего is an organ in a statement on this subject.

Dehgan, quoted by the Ibena news agency and the English-language Iranian business daily Financial Times, said government rules for cryptocurrency mining are currently the only rules related to crypto. He insisted:

Using cryptocurrency mined by humans is something the CBI has to deal with.

If the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) did not make a specific statement on the use of cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to trade the digital currency in Iran’s Capital Market at this stage, the official said. But Muhammad Ali Dehgan also stressed:

We will address this issue as the Central Bank of Iran regulates cryptocurrencies.

Iranian authorities under pressure to establish order in crypto
Calls to regulate cryptocurrencies have become frequent in Iran, where crypto investments have gained significant popularity. In May, Iran’s Parliament urged financial regulators to be cautious and urged Capital Market officials to create effective investment instruments for legal crypto trading. In June, the country’s Economy Minister warned that the government could not interfere in the development of crypto technology for too long.

Last month MPs proposed a bill banning the use of screaming

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