IoTeX's biggest network upgrade – Mainnet v1.2 – is live.

IoTeX announced that Mainnet v1.2 is officially live. Mainnet v1.2 will offer capabilities that IoTeX says will trigger the "Cambrian explosion" of dApps, protocols and tokens in its network. Mainnet v1.2 is expected to bring IoTeX to life and unleash the biggest innovation wave on the platform to date, strengthening its position as the integral and indispensable center of the decentralized economy. Offers security, reliability, upgrades and Babel web3.js API In addition to providing security, developer tool upgrades and reliability, Mainnet v1.2 also offers Babel web3.js API. Babel is an in-house developed solution that allows IoTeX to connect to Ethereum and other EVM compatible blockchains. Babel provides developers with the ability to migrate EVM-enabled tokens and dApps to IoTeX in minutes without configuring anything. Developers can also benefit from the security of the IoTeX blockchain, as well as better scalability, lower costs, and short block times. They can also access real-world data and special features such as Decentralized Identity (DID). Users can use EVM compatible tools such as MetaMask on IoTeX without any development experience. Token holders can witness new dApps and tokens on the IoTeX platform. Ready for Mass Adoption Mainnet v1.2 and Babel allow developers to bring their applications to IoTeX by providing Ethereum and web3 compatibility. Low Cost – IoTeX costs 1000 times less than Ethereum. A $ 10 transfer to Ethereum will cost IoTeX $ 0.01. EVM Compliance – The IoTeX platform supports robustness-based smart contracts, allowing dApps and tokens to be seamlessly transferred to IoTeX. Scalable – IoTeX is 100 times more scalable than Ethereum and supports thousands of transactions per second. Speed – IoTeX offers a 5 second block time with instant accuracy compared to Ethereum. Decentralized – IoTeX is a highly decentralized system maintained by a delegate network running carbon-friendly Roll-DPoS.

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