IOST announces partnership with Top Staking Network Moonstake

IOST's partnership with Moonstake enables IOST deposit functionality in Moonstake wallets. The partnership promises to provide a satisfying staking experience for IOST holders on the Moonstake wallet. IOST announced its partnership with the first Moonstake strike network. The collaboration will focus on enabling IOST coin staking functionality on Moonstake wallets. Moonstake aims to create the largest strike network in Asia and has also developed user-friendly wallets for web and mobile wallets. These wallets are compatible with more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. Leading strike services provider Moonstake, launched in August 2020, has established itself as one of the largest strike services providers with assets in excess of $ 900 million. Additionally, the Moonstake community can win strike rewards with high-demand PoS coins such as Harmony, Tezos, Qtum, Cardano, Polkadot, and much more. Soon, IOST will also be added to the track list. IOST experiences A huge increase IOST also saw the market price increase by 650%. The increase was due to the platform's access to DeFi and NFT space. It received implantation support on Binance and Huobi, the world's largest exchanges on a volume basis, and increased its bet volumes. Significant excitement around the partnership Naturally, the announcement caused a lot of turmoil in the IOST and Moonstake communities. “We are delighted to partner with Moonstake, one of the top 10 keystroke providers in the world with easy to use, secure and very powerful keystroke wallets,” said Jimmy Zhong, CEO of IOST. IOST has always been trying to partner with well-known projects and so far we have been very impressed with the market position Moonstake has achieved in just one year since its launch. After the start of the IOST strike in the Moonstake Wallet, we look forward to the further adoption of the IOST strike and the IOST network and further cooperation.

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