IOHK aims to strengthen Africa through decentralized systems

Technology company Input Output, the creators of Cardano and Atala PRISM, has been focusing on the African continent since 2017. CEO Charles Hoskinson spoke about IOHK's vision for the crypto future in Africa. At the # CardanoAfrica event, new partnerships, education agreements that will benefit 5 million Ethiopian students by integrating them into the Cardano ecosystem, and a new joint venture to establish a new telecommunications network in Tanzania. These two projects mark the beginning of Cardano's mission in Africa. IOHK's Charles Hoskinson, Dynal Patel, Gerasimos Fragiskatos and John O'Connor spoke with David Piling of the Financial Times about how blockchain technologies can bring African inclusion, identity and opportunities, and enable the next generation of entrepreneurs to drive change. Why Africa? Hoskinson focuses on developing countries rather than economically healthy and developed countries because the demand for change lies here. Rather than focusing on the same model to empower countries that are already leaders, the goal is to compete differently. The greatest demand for blockchain technology in the coming years will be in places such as the African continent and the Indian subcontinent; They won't be in the United States and they will need to catch up. Populations are much younger than those of the states, and new technologies are being adopted much faster. The idea of an underdeveloped Africa is somewhat correct. Today's innovations help the infrastructure of tomorrow. Africa's need for infrastructure can be met with today's inventions. Ethiopia: The Biggest Blockchain Deal Ever, IOHK Partners with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education for 5 Million Students and Teachers to Create a Blockchain-Based Digital Identity, the Biggest Implementation of Blockchain in the World. Ethiopia is just the beginning. Africa is thirsty for solutions and using Cardano with Atala PRISM, Africa will create a structured solution

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