Investment in cryptocurrency in the first half of 2021 exceeds all investments in 2020

The so-called “Fintech H1 ’21 investment momentum” in the cryptogeld sector was higher in the first 6 months of this year compared to 2020, according to a report by KPMG. 

One of the reasons the report recorded more money flowing into cryptocurrencies was the “evolving nature of investors.” much more corporate interest is combined with much more awareness and cryptocurrency understanding by investors in general. 

“In the first half of 21, there was an explosion of activity in the field of blockchain and crypto. From cryptocurrencies and trading platforms to NFT to alternative asset trading and support structures, we will see this trend continue with a focus on the crypto ecosystem. Space will also look at a wider range of investors investing in space.” 

The venture capital market has also been called really “hot” on cryptocurrencies, with a growing $ 100 million funding round underway for the potential of crypto companies. 

BlockFi ($350 million), Paxos ($300 million), ($300 million) Bitso ($250 million). 

Increased traction in the NFT sector was also noted. NFT space could potentially be used for many new assets, including real estate and other “more vulnerable assets that can be tagged or shared.” 

There was talk of a regulation that said” cryptocurrencies are still the focus of some regulators, ” but it depended on the competence of regulatory authorities. China has banned companies from offering cryptocurrency-related services, while El Salvador has announced that Bitcoin will be legal tender from September this year. 

Looking to the future, the report stresses that the cryptocurrency sector will continue to thrive. “There would be a clearer decoupling between the use of Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and more focus on regulation

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