Introduction To Solana: Innovation, Features And Criticism

Will Solana be the only one? With the support of smart contracts, the race for the first blockchain is gathering pace. Many projects are behind the queue of Ethereum, which offers faster and cheaper transactions as well as technological innovations. What does Solana offer? The internal clock. Incredibly more processing. The costs are so low that they are almost nonexistent. Ability to scale to global use at Level 1. 

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Is that enough to get into the Sunday market? Is Solana the legendary ethereum killer everyone’s looking for? Keep reading and have enough knowledge to form your own opinion. We will summarize the good, the bad and the ugly in digestible paragraphs and short text.

What Is The Evidence Of History And How Does It Work? 

As the name suggests, the evidence of history is not a compromise mechanism. Solana uses betting proof to validate his blocks. “The core of Solana innovation is proof of history (POH), a globally accessible, unlimited network time source that works to reach a consensus,” reads the next video’s information field. 

To bring that thought to the end, let’s also quote TechCrunch:

Enter what Yakovenko calls” proof of history,” a great idea that the Solana blockchain has developed a kind of synchronous clock that assigns a timestamp for each transaction and disables the ability of miners and bots to determine the order in which transactions are recorded.blockchain. Yakovenko says this allows for greater security and ” censorship resistance.”

Solana’s creator, ” Anatoly Yakovenko, a San Francisco resident who has worked at Qualcomm as a wireless protocol engineer for more than a dozen years.”He wasn’t interested in cryptocurrencies until he found a way to improve the system. In traditional blockchains, blocks do not have a timestamp that leads to inefficiency. Yakovenko developed a way to incorporate it

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