Introduction to Bitcoin Analysis On-Chain

In partnership with Glassnode, Bitcoin Magazine introduces more Bitcoin users to the world of on-chain analytics. This article is a collaboration between Glassnode and Bitcoin Magazine to introduce Bitcoinists to the world of chain analytics. Our goal is to simplify, mystify, and improve on-chain data access so you can take the first steps to use these powerful new tools. The Bitcoin blockchain is one of the most organic data sources on human behavior in a free market the world has ever seen. From the priceless cypherpunk roots to the current corporate acceptance through the eyes of the #LaserRaysTo100K, the human demand for the ultimate scarcity has attracted buyers and sellers from all walks of life. At the center of financial markets is the balance between supply and demand, which ultimately places human psychology and value perception over time. Market analysts have developed and implemented many tools to evaluate current and future valuations. Their aim is to find market inefficiencies, advantage and financial advantage over their competitors. Generally speaking, there are three main areas of analysis and market approaches used in the traditional financial world: Macroeconomics (macro): analysis of the broad interrelation of asset classes, geopolitics, and policy. the central bank is on very long time scales. The aim is to identify macroeconomic trends and large-scale opportunities by focusing on baskets, indices and asset classes rather than individual “stock purchases”. Fundamental Analysis / Value Investment (FA): Analysis of specific and structural advantages and weaknesses of a particular asset or asset class in relation to the global addressable market and competitors. The aim is to take advantage of under / overvaluation and inefficiencies in the market and to determine prices with maximum relative value. Technical Analysis (TA): Analysis of price signals, charts and indicators to extract information, patterns and probabilities on supply / demand balance through Ti Read more

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