Introducing Uber-style ripple pricing for DeFi token exchanges via the Kyber network

Kyber markets itself as a decentralized crypto exchange and recently launched a new Dynamic Market Maker or DMM. According to Kyber, this is the first digital multimeter to appear in the world. A Brand New Platform for DeFi Announced on April 5, 2021, the platform was designed with several key optimizations in mind, especially considering liquidity providers with extremely high capital efficiency and optimization costs. As for the differences between Kyber's newest platform and any other legacy Automated Market Maker (AMM), the big difference comes from the fee generation system. Uniswap charges a fixed 0.3% transaction fee for all crypto transactions, but DMM dynamically charges those fees. This means that wages will rise during times of high demand and volatility, and then decrease when the markets start to calm down. What makes this possible is that investors automatically start taking advantage of cheaper trading opportunities during quiet times; this, on its own, will help increase overall capital efficiency for both the platform and liquidity providers. Offer vs demand comparison Now, this type of pricing strategy is quite familiar to most city dwellers: Uber uses the same price hike style for those trips, increasing the cost of using the service based on demand. This price increase can be reduced as the demand for the service decreases and traffic begins to return to normal. As for the platform's statistics, the DMM dashboard shows a total of $ 20.7 million in cash and an additional $ 320,000 in daily trading volumes. KNC is the original Kyber token and currently trades at around $ 3.24 each. Many optimizations Now, this new digital multimeter also has what is called a "programmable price curve". This tool allows the creators of the liquidity pool to adjust their prices through a “ earnings factor ''. Read more

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