Interview: Jimmy Song, Bitcoin 2021

Jimmy Song, author of "Programming Bitcoin", discussed his upcoming performance at the Bitcoin 2021 conference to be held in Miami from June 4-5. Jimmy Song will speak at the Bitcoin 2021 conference to be held in Miami on June 4-5. YouTube live stream on first day of Bitcoin 2021 and callback to YouTube live stream on second day of Bitcoin 2021. Watch Jimmy Song's interview on YouTube. In this interview, host Joe Rodgers met with Jimmy Song, author of "Programming Bitcoin" and co-author of "Thank God For Bitcoin", to discuss Bitcoin 2021. Song is a former Bitcoiner and has spent the last few years focusing on education. His "Bitcoin Programming" course has trained hundreds of Bitcoin developers, including major contributors, so he gained a reputation as a great communicator and had an in-depth understanding of how Bitcoin works on a technical level. If you've spent any time at the Clubhouse last year, you've probably heard of Song spitting on veterans and noobs. When asked what he expected most in Bitcoin 2021, Song's answer was simple: it would be with other Bitcoinists. He described it as a one-time event. 10,000 Bitcoiners have never been together and something special will emerge from this conference. Song will share the stage with Robert Breedlove, Guy Hirsch, and Guy Swann, other thinkers exploring Bitcoin's morals, on June 5. Set Reminder for Bitcoin 2021 Day 2 YouTube Live Stream → If you are interested Song will host a 2-day “ Blockchain Programming '' seminar in Miami before Bitcoin 2021 on June 1-2. Say hello to him in the books and conference. Song will further share his view on Bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2021 conference to be held in Miami on June 4-5. Make sure to set a reminder for Bitcoin 2021 and Bitcoin 2021 on the first day of the live stream on YouTube.

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