Interview: Bitcoin diversity with Texan HODL

We had the opportunity to sit down with Texan HODL and discuss his rabbit hole story and what makes Bitcoin so special to him. Watch this episode on YouTube Listen to this episode: AppleSpotifyLibsynOvercastGoogleIn this episode of Bitcoin Magazine's "Meet The Plebs", BtcCasey and Tyler Laroche join Texan HODL, a Bitcoiner friend just starting out in the industry. They discussed how Texas HODL discovered Bitcoin through a popular online game called RuneScape. Next, they talked about basic research and read that Texas' HODL is preparing to enter the field of Bitcoin thought – research like the 2008 financial crisis issues. The conversation then moved on to what Texan HODL found most surprising about bitcoin; He talks about the insane diversity in Bitcoin's use cases, applications, and what it means to different people. Finally, Texan HODL has revealed what it is most looking forward to in the Bitcoin industry and its price predictions for 2021 and 2030. Make sure to watch the full video on YouTube and look forward to the next “Meet The Plebs”. What is your story about Bitcoin's rabbit hole? I first heard about Bitcoin in July 2013. Growing up, I was a huge RuneScape fan, one day I stumbled upon a website where you can buy RuneScape gold with something called bitcoin. begged my grandma for days, finally she agreed to open a Bitstamp account for me and we got 2 bitcoins for about $200. I thought I made a good deal, bought fake money with another fake! I then sent the bitcoin to a dark company and got my RuneScape gold. After that, Bitcoin didn't return to my radar until my freshman year at university. September 2017. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time studying the 2008 financial crisis and had a strong distaste for the Federal Reserve for their reckless response to the crisis, so when I read the Bitcoin whitepaper in September

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