Interoperable DeFi Solution Panther Protocol Raises $8M

The decentralized financial sector had significant initial successes, but there is still room for improvement. Panther Protocol recognizes the growing demand for privacy-focused solutions in this space. With $8 million in private funding, the team will be able to provide interoperable privacy to DeFi users around the world. Developing Zero Tokens with the Panther Protocol Anyone following the cryptocurrency industry and its privacy-focused discussions will encounter the term zero-knowledge tokens. It's a cryptographic way to introduce protocol-level privacy, but few projects embrace it. Panther Protocol takes zero-knowledge evidence to the next level by creating zero-knowledge disclosures. By choosing this method, protocol users can enjoy privacy while remaining compliant without providing basic information. As an interoperable privacy protocol for the DeFi industry, the Panther Protocol aims to appeal to users and corporate gamers. Users are often subject to surveillance and spying due to the transparent nature of public blockchains. The demand for transaction confidentiality is important because anyone can maintain their competitive advantage by preventing their trading strategy from leading. Making all these functions accessible is done by collateralized storage of private assets. These are called zAssets and are a digital custom synthetic representation of all other digital assets. Due to the interoperable nature of the protocol, Bitcoin, Ether, and even US dollars can be converted into a private synthetic asset and benefit from both privacy and compliance. All zAssets can be routed over the Panther network for use in the DeFi industry. Raise $8M in Private Tours In today's DeFi environment, there is no viable way to achieve protocol-level privacy and interoperability. While there is little competition in the space, the Panther Protocol looks like this:

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