Internet computer price up 13% to $ 66.07-where to buy ICP

The leading cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and Ethereum, remained unchanged this week and are currently collapsing. BTC is currently worth $ 44k, and ETH is worth $ 2900. These collapses affected the upward trends of some subsources. Others, however, such as Internet Computer, are on track to create new highs after maintaining double-digit gains.
ICP is trading at $ 66.07 at the time of writing after posting a 13% gain in 24 hours
Source of ICP Price Analysis: The Tradingview internet computer was one of the hardest hit currencies during the July 20 downgrade. The coin hits record lows around $ 23. However, it has managed to recover some of those losses following a recent market recovery that has seen many subcools hit new highs.
Buy cryptocurrency now, ICP’s volatility remains high given that the market is still experiencing ups and downs. If it continues The Rise created in the last 24 hours, we could see ICP moving towards the next resistance of $ 68. However, buyers need ICP’s support to reach their previous monthly high of $ 76, which they achieved during the recent recovery.
Looking at the ISP’s price move last month, there are actively some falls; as a result, we see that the current upward trend has failed, in which case the ISP will switch to a lower support of $ 62. If it falls below that level, it could lead to sales, especially if it lacks the support of the wider Sunday.
Dfinity, the company behind ICP tokens, has had a hard time considering the launch of the failed ICP token in May. ICP tokens were released at $ 630, but quickly dropped to about $ 22. Investors who suffered significant losses as a result of the decline filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the firm of insider trading.
Since then, however, Dfinity has been trying to improve its reputation in the blockchain industry. Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of Distrikt, a social media platform based entirely on blockchain in its computer network. internet.
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