Internet computer (ICP) responding to criticism

As the last project that captured the imagination of the crypto ecosystem before the final carnage, there are many interesting things about the internet computer. However, a recent report brought a compelling case against him. And now is the time for the Dfinity Foundation to respond and explain indirectly. How does it work? Keep exploring. This is the last article in an informal trilogy. First, there was Bitcoinist's initial reaction to the project and an explanation of their tokenomics. Then we repeated the report, which illustrates a centralized and censorship-focused future. You'd better read them both. The text below contains many terms specific to PKI. With that, we're going to give them the microphone. In this report by Dfinity Foundation Medium, they explain the value of their project: Society is increasingly aware of the costs and problems of Internet independence. Big data technology and companies with high market value provide services that allow users to do things faster and easier, but also capture and use user data and relationships to maintain the benefits of immense impact. network. Excellent. We all want a solution for this. ICP price chart on HitBTC | Source: Does the ICP / USDT NNS have a lot of power over the Internet computer on On the Network Nervous System, this Dfinity member answering questions on Reddit promises "people can bid and vote anything via NNS." The system "manages the architecture of the Internet computer" and one criticism was that "the extent of its control over the Internet computer is not entirely clear." Moderator diego_DFN explains: NNS, crypto's ultimate promise: let the community decide and vote. Only if some people are afraid of the "community" (although I am a bitcoin and ETH enthusiast, I have no vote or influence on projects). Few people have read

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