Indian Crypto Bill in Anvil, Govt. to Weigh Pros & Cons of Crypto

The latest update in the controversial Indian Crypto Bill saw the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman consider the underlying technological boon that comes with the industry’s banes. While speaking at the ‘Agenda Aaj Tak‘ event in Delhi yesterday, Sitharaman noted that the crypto bill is in anvil and will soon be sent for approval to the cabinet.

Furthermore, she highlighted the juxtaposition given the government’s concerns about the decentralised industry accompanied by their plan to fully avail the financial benefits of the blockchain technology. Following this mindset, she ascertained that the “Cryptocurrency bill will take into account the underlying technology”.

Ambani’s Two-Cents on Crypto
The Indian government appears to be on the right track, financially, given that even the richest man in all of Asia, Mukesh Ambani swears by the same technological advancement with the blockchain. He spoke yesterday, at a forum organised by India’s International Financial Services Centres Authority together with Bloomberg, where he argued the potential of blockchain technology. Ambani said, “Blockchain is the technology I believe in and it is different from crypto”. Ambani claimed that India will see an evolution in its “fintech, education technology, health technology, and industry” through digital services. Furthermore, he compared the power of data to that of what former days’ oil, asserting the only difference being its easy accessibility.

“Digital technology, I believe, is a great leveler, a great democratizer…The new oil, i.e. data, can be generated and consumed everywhere and by everybody. It has the potential to create value equitably across sectors, geographies, and economic classes.”, said Ambani.

Borderless Crypto
Despite understanding the pros, like innovation and technological advancements, the Indian government is determined to regulate the decentralised industry in lieu of its dangerously fast-evolving nature. According to CoinGape’s exclusive coverage on Nirmala Sitharaman’s stance towards upcoming crypto regulations, she noted that mere national level monitoring will never be enough when it comes to the decentralised industry. Sitharaman called upon global regulators to come together to centralised a borderless body like crypto.

“All of us also recognise technology respects no physical border. Technology has the power to sweep through borders. It means global action is the only way in which you can regulate it effectively”, said Sitharaman.

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