In brief: Weekly Review

NFS Spider-Man is a digital gem that costs more than a car, and the first dive into student participation in tokens that cannot be replaced. Just one more week in the NFS. However, it’s not just sunlight and rainbows. Mr. Whale, the popular crypto analyst, shared some sentiment this week, describing the NFT as pure money-laundering schemes. Let’s take a look at all of last week’s quick hits, including this story and more.

News about tokens that can’t be replaced this week
Six-digit digital rock NFT
Have you ever thought that digital 2D stones will be sold for the price of a Lamborghini? And we also. Launched in 2017, EtherRocks is limited to a total of 100 “favorite stones”.”Current minimum price? About 80 ETH, or just over $ 260,000. The stones sold for about $ 50,000 last week-not a bad week for owners with strong hands. When to live.

NFT Spider-Man is the latest IP headliner to hit the market
When we released” nutshell ” last week, Marvel announced that Spider-Man’S IP address would be next for the NFT collections. As part of its collaboration with Viv, Marvel has released five different NFTS, ranging from “common entity” (32,000 affected) to “super rare” (1,000 affected). All 60,500 NFT were sold in the first 24 hours.

The next point on the agenda for Marvel and Viva? Captain America.

PartyBid: community raises money for cryptocurrency
Partybid, an Ethereum-based PartyDAO project, was launched earlier this month and has recently caused a sensation. In a nutshell since last week, we have highlighted partial ownership companies such as rally Rd. and Otis. PartyBid is as crypto-native as its factional ownership structure. PartyBid users created cryptopunk 2066 with a share of over 400 members.

Does reading / DeFi on the subject neuter Ethereum? Here Are The Facts

To fight for Candy Digital: a Fenway Park NFT 
Candy Digital does NFT for all 30 MLBs teams in the league. MLB announces NFL Red Sox “Fenway Park”

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