In brief: Weekly Review

Another week of action to the edges as the Nft Sunday continues to boom. Opensea this week topped $ 1 billion in August transactions, SuperRare introduced new features, investment firms Andreessen Horowitz and Paradigm doubled, and Axie Infinity, Art Blocks and Parallel Alpha moved to the top of the charts. Capital investment and new projects dominated the conversation around the NFT this week. Meanwhile, older projects are still showing success, albeit decidedly some” cruise control.”

Overall, business is going well. Let’s dig deeper into all this and more into the ever-evolving world of the NFT over the past seven days.

News this week about tokens that cannot be changed
New Alibaba Sunday for Nft
E-commerce giant Alibaba Group is launching a new Sunday for non-interchangeable tokens called “Blockchain-digital copyright and asset trading.” The Sunday is expected to be aimed at game developers, artists, musicians and writers. It remains to be seen what this means in the big picture for Alibaba.

Check out our team’s full story here.

SuperRare 2.0: Everything You Need To Know
This week, SuperRare released users of its $ RARE token platform as part of a move called”SuperRare 2.0.” The Platform also sells” Superrare domains, “” management Taos “and”sovereign smart contracts.” The move marked the strengthening of the platform’s decentralization. Check out our team’s full story here.

OpenSea: $ 1 billion in NFT, time to save
Sunday August trading volume topped $ 1 billion-just over two weeks a month, according to a midweek tweet from OpenSea co-founder and Chief Executive devin Finzer.

With significant volume up to the close of August, could OpenSea’s trading volume exceed $ 2 billion a month? As Finzer said, ” it’s still 0 for NFS. Day.”

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Paradigm Going Parallel
NFTS become investment assets. Crypto-f

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