Improving the confidence of your team will help you in times of uncertainty

By: Dafne Navarro / Leader of the Communication, PR and Content Ecosystem / Great Place to Work® Mexico
Before going directly to look for the recommendations to integrate them into your organization, I leave you this question so that at the end of the reading, you can answer it: what is your greatest fear from the perspective of organizational change?
According to Brené Brown (researcher at the University of Houston), the comfort zone is “that place where we believe we have some control”, which, in today’s business environment is rare.
The uncertainty generated by variables that depend less on our efforts, challenge our agile response capacity to make strategic decisions.
Does the nimble answer relate to being "intrepid hopefully"? Depending on who we ask. The answer may vary, if we ask a person from the baby boomer generation, their answer is probably “definitely yes”. If you are a centennial entrepreneur, you will not even have in mind the risk that this would imply.
You may be interested: 5 techniques to fully develop your team spirit Uncertainty is a catalyst to awaken creativity in work teams to thereby increase the competitive capabilities of the organization in the market and above its competitors.
It’s about trust A culture of trust and flexibility, supported by the capacities of each person and of all together, promotes creativity as a pillar of innovation, so essential to tackle the world of “uncertainty”. If we convert trust and flexibility into variables that we can control, the fears that arise in various scenarios diminish.
Who is responsible for shielding the culture against uncertainty? The leadership of the figure that models the way of doing "the business."
A consistent, consistent and coherent culture of innovation requires leadership willing to drive continuous transformation. The creativity of each of the collaborators and the multiplicity of risks inherent in those “things” that I do not control are a way of finding spaces of certainty.
People who trust each other and in leadership, will generate solutions outside the box to overcome fears, product of environments with a certain degree of instability.
What is your biggest fear? These are some ideas that serve as a starting point to “take care” of them regardless of what they are or where they may come from:
Trust : in each member of the team and their abilities. Communicate : objectively the risks you identify and the confidence you have that they can be overcome as a team. Pride : organizational strengths, what makes them "special" in the marketplace, and inspire your team with that feeling of pride. Motivate : the need to co-create and take responsibility for opportunities for improvement and weaknesses. Do not give up : Each setback seen in a positive way, is to discover that "what not to do" and open the doors to innovation as a team.


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