Imaginarium game: What if all companies invest in Bitcoin?

While the success of the cryptocurrency increases the expectations and hopes of the investors, the thinking in the blockchain space is dominated by the “ imagination ''. Think about it – Bitcoin is a global currency used in daily transactions. Aside from letting Bitcoin see more than $ 100,000, it wasn't hard to imagine Bitcoin reaching $ 300,000 in 2017. Bitcoin is the digital gold of the Gen Z economy, and its rise to the mainstream is fast. Its expansion into mainstream thinking is not rapid and is fueled by socio-economic determinants that support the global state of a stable cryptocurrency. Bitcoin = a store of value like digital gold Bitcoin is an ideology for many and its price dynamics depend on market demand. Warren Buffet, on the other hand, has always warned against the use of Bitcoin: "Cryptocurrencies are basically worthless and produce nothing." Yet Bitcoin's intervention in the financial market is an incomplete expression of its place in society. Bitcoin is the digital gold of a cashless society that finds a gap between physical money and digital payments. Tesla, Square and Microstrategy have already expressed their stance on Bitcoin by investing millions of dollars in intangible assets. Tesla announced that he made $ 101 million from Bitcoin sales. The later disclosed rumors circulated in the Q1 report about Facebook's purchase of Bitcoin. Still, more and more companies are interacting with Bitcoin. Users can purchase Bitcoin through PayPal or Venmo, or enable cryptocurrency transfers between consumers, merchants and governments via Mastercard. Increasing interest from financial and commercial institutions has bolstered Bitcoin's status. Although companies have invested millions of dollars, this was not intended to help BTC become a currency. The current state of Bitcoin is a borderline store of value and it does not want to spend BTC as its owners increase their promise of volatility.

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