Ikonick launches its first NFT collection and collaboration competition

Co-founded by digital artist Jeff Cole, Mark Mastrandrea and supported by entrepreneurial icons Gary Vaynerchuk and Scooter Braun, leading art brand Ikonick is launching its first non-exchangeable token (NFT) as part of a new series, the Ikonick Eternal Collection. NFT. The Ikonick Eternal NFT collection was designed to digitally rethink and reinvent some of the brand's most famous and classic canvas art designs to date, ultimately pursuing the overall mission of inspiring and motivating with visual stories while uniting the physical and digital art worlds. . Mark Mastrandrea, co-founder of Ikonick, said: “We believe NFTs will be as important as social media or the internet. We have spent a lot of time studying this rapidly changing market and ultimately believe that creating tangible value is the most important part of any proposition. Any consumer who purchases our first NFT will be able to unlock exclusive fabrics, exclusive NFTs and new items in the future. Ikonick Eternal NFT's debut album is inspired by a canvas art design sold with over $ 750,000 canvas art in 2020, titled "Dreams Are Heavier Than Excuses," making it a fan favorite and the most inspiring piece during the global lockdown. Every NFT fall is one of the Ikonick Eternal collection. part of it has two editions. Both versions are only available for 48 hours, then join the blockchain and never sell again. "Eternal Set" version – comes with the purchase of a $ 500 gift certificate from Ikonick.com A rare "Eternal Auction" version – auctioned at auction and sold to the highest bidder via the Open Sea, with an infinite physical item Each edition Eternal NFT version offers a unique consumption contest to give back to a member of the Ikonick community in a unique way. In the first version, the winner will receive an official collaboration with the event, which includes personalized artwork and an NFT version with Ikonick. Symbol

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