İçerik Platformu Substack Accepteert Nu Bitcoin Betalingen

Substack has hosted half a million paid independent content subscribers on a variety of topics. As Bitcoin regains its power, and this week is counting on $ 50k, Substack integrates with OpenNode’s bitcoin API. the partnership will allow the platform to provide payment support to BTC through both the network and the Lightning Network.

Opening and open mode
According to the Opennode team’s press release, the partnership will allow Substack to “make instant, low-cost payments to a specific crypto-focused publishing group.” In October, consumers on the platform will be able to use bitcoins to pay for subscriptions to” these selected publications, and publications will keep the revenue in bitcoins.”

Substack is a new publishing platform that allows creators to send their work directly to readers. Reports say the most popular writers on the platform earn a six-figure sum a year.

Cryptography and innovation writers continue to build a strong audience with Substack, as successful content writers such as Paki Mccormick and Kraken, among other things, use the platform to grow on hero. Moreover, while news, politics, technology and innovation are key factors of content on the platform, Substack is also taking the initiative to diversify content. The Platform drew up a list of comic book artists earlier this month. These manufacturers will be paid directly from the platform in the first year, and after that Substack will receive 10%. The creators plan to maintain ownership of their work forever.

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New But Still Existing
Although Substack was created just four years ago, it had made a name for itself as a home for creators. The Platform is supported by major investment firms such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Y Combinator. In the March funding round conducted by A16z, the platform reportedly showed a valuation of about $ 650 million

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