I coded a script to help me understand the sensitivity of daily Bitcoin news, predict potential pumps or dumps, and open source.

The script searches the web for cryptocurrency news, takes keywords as input, and then feeds them into a text sensitivity API by analyzing the number of positive, neutral or negative headlines. The idea is that the script checks multiple sources and then calculates a% for each of the 3 sensitivity categories. This way I can detect how the media was presenting Bitcoin or any other crypto that day. I plan to output this script to a crypto trading robot to automatically buy or sell a coin. The news is overwhelmingly positive or negative. As with the Elon Musk boat I shared a while ago, I think if you catch a wave without breaking, you can ride it for a while. The only limitation available is that you can only send 100 requests per day through the websearch API so I can replace it with another solution. Do you use the signals from this scenario in your investments? Why not? The following resources are available if you are interested: GitHub Repo: https://github.com/CyberPunkMetalHead/cryptocurrency-news-analysis Article and guide: https://www.cryptomaton.org/2021/04/05/how- to – with python analysis for cryptocurrency-daily-news / sentiment / / u / posted by CyberPunkMetalHead [link] [comments] Read more

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