How to Maximize Bitcoin Holding Privilege

Although it may seem like Bitcoin is leaking into the mainstream, only those who understand it deeply will really benefit. Laurence Newman is the co-founder of Coinmama, a bitcoin exchange. Since last year, the number of wallets with Bitcoin has increased by 8 million, and this growth accounts for more than 20% of the existing 38 million Bitcoin wallets. This trend of adoption shows no signs of slowing down as our news feeds continue to be filled with stories from institutional investors and Fortune 500 CEOs diving into Bitcoin. Statistics and stories show that Bitcoin is moving from the threshold early adoption to mass use. But despite the record prices and increased sensitivity, many people are still unaware of the real privilege of holding bitcoins and how to do it right. Getting into Bitcoin is one thing, but staying a long time is a completely different game. Coming back to the basics to understand the true nature of Bitcoin and how protecting it can mean the difference between financial freedom and failure – not just for beginners but for everyone. Money Holds You Back To understand how privileged it is to hold bitcoin, we must first understand the other options available to citizens who want to store their wealth or move money. For thousands of years, gold has been the first choice of humanity. The glorious metal was not only a symbol of wealth and status, it also served as the foundation of all monetary systems. Even the end of the gold standard could not stop the growth of gold. Gold has always done a great job of preserving wealth over time, although its price has dropped slightly this year. But when it comes to sending money through space, gold fails miserably. It is physically heavy, which makes it an important task to carry with you for use as currency. Fiat currencies cover the other end of the spectrum in gold. Thanks to developing technologies and digital banking

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