How to Get Apple’s Student Discount

Apple is famed for its high-quality and trendy products. But these come with a hefty price tag, and sometimes one which is too high for students.

Fortunately, the company has realized this and made a selection of its technology more affordable in further education.

Are you a student and looking for a MacBook to complete your education? Or do you want a new iPad to watch movies on in your spare time? Here’s how you can get the Apple Student Discount.

What Devices Does the Apple Student Discount Apply To?

All Macs, MacBooks, and iPads are eligible for the Apple Student Discount. This means you can get either a MacBook or MacBook Air for less than the original price, and the same is true for iPad Pro and iPad Air devices.

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Students can also get the iMac, Pro Display XDR, and other Macs if they need something with a larger screen.

All products are sold at student prices on the Apple Education Store. You can also get a discount at an Apple Store, as long as you provide the necessary documents (more about that later).

What Kinds of Education Discounts Can You Expect?

With the Apple Student Discount, you’ll get a more significant discount for computers compared to iPads. For example, students and teachers can get an iMac for as little as $1,049; a 24-inch version of this device typically starts at $1,299.

If you want something smaller, the discounts on MacBooks are also pretty good. You can get a Macbook at a price as low as $899, compared to the starting cost of $999.

While you won’t save as much in total money with an iPad, they’re still markedly less expensive with the Apple Student Discount. The iPad Pro costs $749 with the Student Discount (retail prices start at $799 for 11-inch screens and $999 for 12.9-inch versions).

Apple student pricing for a regular iPad begins at $309; prices usually range from $329-559.

The Apple Student Discount isn’t limited to devices, though. You can also benefit from half-price on Apple Music, paying $4.99 per month for up to four years. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ is free for students.

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Who Qualifies for the Apple Education Discount?

If you want to know how to get the Apple Student Discount, you’ve come to the right place. To access the company’s lower-priced products, you need to fall into one of three categories.

The first is being a further or higher education student, provided you’re aged 16 or above. You need to have enrolled in a college, university, or post-high school establishment, with proof through either a document or ID.

If you’re not a student continuing your education beyond high school, there are still chances to get the Apple Education Discount. Parents of students can also buy the products for less, as long as they’re buying it for their child and not for themselves.

Apple Education Store pricing is not limited to students alone, though. People working in the education sector can also enjoy discounted Apple products. To qualify, you need to have a job within higher or further education institutions—or at a university.

Like with students, people working in higher education also need to prove that they’re employed in one of these institutions. The discount also applies to people employed within higher education that are not teachers.

Home-schooling teachers can also buy products at the Apple education rates.

How to Get the Apple’s Education Discount If You’re a Student

The way to get an Apple Student Discount varies a little depending on where in the world you are. Beyond using the US store if you’re based in the US and the UK version if you’re in the UK, the verification process is slightly different.

In general, just visit Apple’s Educational Online Store or speak to someone in a physical Apple Store.

In the US, verification isn’t always asked for. But this doesn’t mean you should try the system because you might be asked at random, and if this happens, you’ll need to show proof of eligibility.

For UK users, proof that you qualify is needed in all cases. You can do this by signing up to UNiDAYS for free, visiting an Apple Store, or calling the company.

Now You Know How to Get the Apple Student Discount

Apple’s products are expensive for a reason—its technology is some of the best on the market. So, the Apple Student Discount is an excellent way to get high-quality products at a lower price if you qualify.

Now you know how to get the Apple Student Discount, browse Apple’s selection of products to see if anything takes your fancy. Just remember to have your documents ready in case you’re asked for proof of eligibility.

If you don’t qualify for the Education Discount, you can still save money on Apple products. Consider buying refurbished devices or trading in your old ones.


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