How to create the basic defi app for beginners

To become mainstream, Defi needs to facilitate adaptation, reduce complexity, and implement “single” gateways for popular protocols
By Ivan Manchev, Communications Manager, Adex network

Can you believe that when your Fiat US dollar melts in your bank account, the annual yield reaches 0.1%, while the annual yield of another form of US dollar melts decidedly between 5% and 20%? 

Crypto stable coins offer unthinkable dollar returns for the traditional Fiat system and open up stunning arbitrage opportunities for everyone. In October, they also demand a specific set of information that they can access to people outside of decentralized funding. 

In this article, we will look at three hurdles for beginners and how app developers can work to overcome them.

Tell MetaMask to your grandmother. 
Tying the MetaMask wallet is an interesting phenomenon. If you spend enough time in cryptography, you won’t want to save usernames and passwords to use apps anymore – and that’s great. But let’s admit it-first meetings with first statements, portfolios and metamasks can really surprise newcomers. 

When we found the AdEx advertising platform, we also encountered this problem. The AdEx network is an advertising platform that connects publishers and advertisers who want to trade in advertising spaces. Most of the advertisers we’d like to see on board have no previous experience with cryptography. Therefore, we had to come up with a simpler login system that keeps the ethereum wallet account system under the cover at the same time.

We needed to do some scratching in the back of our heads, but we did. Today, you can register on the AdEx platform using email and password. When you create an account, the system creates a very valuable ethereum wallet address for your account-you deposit and earn money. When you are confident enough to use MetaMask, you can transfer the management of this wallet to another address (the address you usually use with Metamask). This shows us that

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