How New NFT Markets Challenge Ethereum?

As long as Ethereum gas prices remain prohibitive, the masses will continue to search for more affordable blockchains to store and trade non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs). Ethereum's hard fork in Berlin significantly lowered gas prices, but the optional access lists added in the update are not a tool to lower gas costs and will increase gas costs if abused. fresh. With the rising popularity of multi-faceted blockchains such as Tezos, Cardano, Polkadot, Polygon and Solana, NFT enthusiasts are moving away from Ethereum-based markets. While waiting for Ethereum's major merge with proof of stock, these green blockchains could take over most of the decentralized market for digital assets. So what should these new and emerging NFT markets offer? Tezos Tezos Hic et Nunc (H = N) is a Tezos-based NFT marketplace with more Daily Active Users (DAUs) than OpenSea's larger NFT marketplace. Recently, the NFT H = N platform launched a World Art Day fundraising event focused on the "#NFTsforall" theme. It contains works by "more than 200 artists from more than 40 countries". Many creative minds flock to Tezos to create his art produced by artificial intelligence and other types of produced or digital art. The unchangeable token market that Solana Solible launched on the Solana blockchain in the midst of the NFT boom late last year and plans to switch to Decentralized Exchange Serum (DEX) brings users to the 'Solana ecosystem, where many can trade for collectible items. Soluble NFTs are fully tradable and users can pay with USDC or Serum's own native token SRM. Cardano CNFT (Cardano NFT) is a digital marketplace created by Cardano Buzz, a popular Cardano stake pool. The launch of the NFT sales platform is planned for Q2 in Q3 2021. Since Cardano does not yet support smart contracts or does not own an NFT token, standard users keep a local token at the same level as ADA to generate it.

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