How Microsoft And Alibaba Will Use Ethereum Against Piracy

The Argus project, based on the publicly traded blockchain Ethereum by tech giants Microsoft, Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University, aims to lower the level of internet piracy. The partners recently published a report on the project, its goals and possible applications.

As the document explains, companies such as Microsoft, Apple and others spend a lot of time and money to prevent piracy and intellectual property theft. These programs are used to enable people to provide information about businesses or individuals who have committed these illegal acts.

The success of these” anti-secrecy ” campaigns is often limited due to a variety of issues, particularly a lack of trust from the public.

That’s why the partners proposed Argus, a “fully transparent incentive system” that allows users to launch anti-piracy campaigns with the ethereum blockchain. Increase the effectiveness of this campaign by addressing basic issues such as honesty, opacity, and trust criteria.

According to the newspaper, piracy issues and campaigns to prevent it consist of 3 main parties: the owner of a copyrighted product, informants seeking profit, and the perpetrators of this activity. The interests of these parties may differ.

Argus will therefore fulfill the role already performed by some companies as a “neutral contract” solution with higher neutrality than other organizations, as it will be supported by Ethereum. Researchers from Microsoft, Alibaba and Carnegie called it “the first public anti-piracy system.”

Therefore, participants can be “fairly dealt with” without relying on an authority or a third party that is” resistant to greed and abuse” with the potential to” ultimately resolve”a possible conflict. Argus was created to take advantage of the efficiency and economic benefits of working on top of Ethereum. Microsoft and its partners said:

provides impressive off-chain bandwidth-82.6 data transactions per second per machine and

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