How does Gather develop an ad-free website?

Everyone knows the modern web experience. Use a site where you don't pay for a subscription and you will see ads. If you are using a site for which you have paid a subscription, ads will usually appear. This traditional and outdated model is broken by Gather Network users. When you register as a user of a Gather site, you are paid based on the time you spend on the app or on the website, as you are paid to browse the site. The user will not see any advertisements while applying to the site. The idea of using the internet without making money from a separate ad group that sends you digital billboards is weird. Export your digital revenue with computing power. Instead of negotiating advertising terms, Gather Network uses a mixed POS and PoW consensus to ensure security and persuade network participants to take advantage of user's idle computing power. Site visitors log in with a single click when they get inside, which allows Gather to passively share idle computing power collected in the cloud network. This promotion allows both the user and the main website / app to earn money. A New Future As we progressed in the later stages of capitalism, there has been an undeniable increase in advertising and aggressive marketing in general. Gather Network's idle computing power pooling ecosystem not only allows website owners to choose an ad-free route, but streaming and subscription sites like Netflix can monetize Gather. The ability to generate digital revenue through processing power will take the burden off the information industry grappling with pressure on paywalls and advertising revenue. Sites that are trying to revolutionize local sports news by hiring relevant local journalists and establishing fixed subscription fees, such as The Athletic, can now enter the Gather ecosystem as an alternative monetization model. Gather Around The Gather Network governance and local token is GTH.

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