How Dfinity's Internet Computer Will Integrate Ethereum?

The Dfinity Foundation began integrating the decentralized blockchain network Internet computing with Ethereum, seen by many in the industry as a competitor watching Dfinity build its treasure. Ethereum BIG NEWS: I instructed to directly integrate networks using Chain Key encryption Internet computer and Ethereum smart contracts together * instantly *, no hub, no cloud, no word. Transformer ∞ – Dominic Williams ∞ (@dominic_w) May 26, 2021 Integration was announced in a tweet by Dfinity founder Dominic Williams, explaining why it was needed and how it would be in a blog post posted today. “I was very close to the Ethereum project in 2014, 2015,” he told Decrypt in an interview earlier this month. Those years were formative. Then came the name Dfinity project. Williams said that after discovering Ethereum, he was finally convinced that their research was better suited to an independent project. The 'Dfinity Project', which has become an internet computer, started to be developed this month after five years. opened to the public. Their broad goal is to become a complete internet hosted on decentralized servers. It aims to extend the functionality of the internet by enabling developers to create decentralized versions of popular apps. computing market and its dependence on central server farms. The internet computer has big name support, a highly experienced team, and ICP, which was already among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market value at launch. Williams can solve Ethereum's scaling issues without sacrificing security or decentralization, but he emphasizes that we are far from competitors, they complement each other. He has repeatedly explained that the architecture of the two projects is fundamentally different, but the same

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