How Cryptography Is Becoming More Viable In The Real World

As usual, cryptography undergoes fair scrutiny. Whether it’s demand for NFT features, concerns about recent legislation in Congress, or uncertainty in crypto in general, a collection of big companies is singing a different tune.

Since Tesla changed the ability of customers to buy Tesla vehicles using crypto, many have wondered about the ongoing potential application of cryptography in the market. Despite this, many other large companies received the banner Tesla dropped. It is difficult to say what cryptography can expect in the future, but with recent adaptations in the market, the implementation of new technologies is becoming more and more obvious.

Top 10 crypto-using bitcoinist companies now
1. Microsoft
Like Tesla, Microsoft allowed it to buy services through cryptography and later withdrew them. But Microsoft has changed its stance, and users can now use cryptography to perform certain operations.

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2. AT & T
AT & T, one of the most popular telecom operator services in the United States, allows you to pay online bills in cryptocurrency via bitpay.

3. Miami Dolphins
At the start of the 2019 NFL season, the Miami Dolphins announced that tickets can now be purchased with lightcoin or bitcoin. They soon named Lightcoin ” the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins.”

4. Virgin Galactic
Sir Richard Branson, who owns more than 400 companies-Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Galactic-has announced that those interested in commercial space missions will now be able to buy tickets using bitcoin. I guess you could literally say that bitcoin is going to fly to the Moon.’

5. Norwegian Air
Scandinavia’s largest airline and Europe’s third largest plan to use the cryptocurrency to pay for future flights. While this is only for Norwegian passengers, the airline hopes to eventually expand its new payment

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