How Cardano Could Fail, According to Creator Charles Hoskinson

Cardano creator and CEO of IOG, Charles Hoskinson, interviewed Lex Fridman for his podcast. Hoskinson talked about its past, present and future and this platform in a discussion of about 5 hours. Hoskinson played devil's advocate and also discussed Cardano's potential weakness that could cause the project to fail completely. Many of these cases are very difficult to implement in practice, as Hoskinson believes, the platform has the support of a strong community and the data collected by IOG indicates the healthy growth of the network. At the top of the list is self-evolution. Cardano's inventor argued that if this element is not reached, the platform cannot continue iteration after iteration without relying on a third party or custodian. Without it, "the system won't work," Hoskinson said. But IOG data shows the opposite. The platform succeeded in moving from a federated model, where a central party produced most of the blocks in the network, to decentralized production controlled by the community. This milestone was reached when the D parameter in the blockchain fell below 0. This was not rushed, there was a whole process that started Shelley with the promoted testnet and share pool pioneer program and lowered the decentralization parameter. At every step, people showed up and had to do something, but there is no guarantee that it will be sustainable (…). Cardano has other important milestones to complete in the future, namely the implementation of the smart contract platform and the implementation of a fully decentralized management model. “There is no guarantee that we will get what we want,” Hoskinson said at each of these stages. In this sense, IOG CEO Cardano called cryptocurrencies and any other company or project an experiment. Therefore, it needs the support of its community and needs to integrate more users to grow in a certain direction. Where is Cardano

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