How 2021 marked a turning point for fintech’s IPO

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The Golden Age of financial technology (fintech) has arrived. The pandemic has led to a dynamic shift in how consumers and businesses behave on a daily basis, making them heavily dependent on technology development.

Three fintech companies – Square, Shopify and PayPal-are now worth more than $ 100 billion. Coinbase, Stripe and Adyen are not behind. Recently, we have seen several fintech companies go public. The largest number of companies opened in the US in 2020, and this is also the first time in US history that companies have raised $ 100 billion through IPOs.IPO).

However, because fintech is relatively new to IPOs compared to other enterprise software, there is some uncertainty about how these companies will appreciate their going public. In addition, Fintech uses a variety of business models, i.e. some are transactional and others work on hybrid business models.

Fintech has several options to choose from when it has an audience. They can choose the traditional IPO route and take a direct listing (one of the most common ways) or team up with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

What is IPO and domain?

An initial public offering is the process by which companies are exposed to present parts of their private ventures, known as shares, to the public as part of a new share issue. Giving the public the opportunity to buy shares of a company allows the company to fund government investors.

The transition from private sector to government is a crucial point for companies and their private investors, as the initial investment is likely to include share premiums and allow public investors to participate in the offering.

A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) is a company founded by investors. SPAC’s sole purpose is to raise capital through an IPO with the aim of buying another company in the long term. No space

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