Hoskinson shares top tips for recovery from crypto crash

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), took to social media for advice on how to tackle tough times. With a history of running a multi-billion dollar business, Hoskinson emphasizes that the key to getting through these tough times is awareness. Crypto Market Panic The events of the past week have been a real wake-up call for anyone interested in crypto. Driven by threats from China, Elon Musk, and concerns about US regulations, the FUD conspired to crush the market. Just a week and a half ago, the crypto markets were high when the total crypto market first reached $ 2.5 trillion. But the FUD incident after the FUD incident saw things get worse. After the market collapsed, the local low reached $ 1.3 trillion on Sunday, with a staggering 48% loss overall. While some tokens are outperforming others and Polygon and Maker are showing signs of struggle, the losses of the past five days have taken their money. Source: coinmarketcap.com Consequently, fear, anger, and panic were the dominant procedures. This has only been made worse by crypto haters who appreciate this collapse. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) retweeted a post he posted in February to remind us that critical and common sense rules prevail during the recession as the markets boomed. Keep Calm Practice Good Risk Management Invest a Little Invest money that you don't need urgently Do not invest with next month's rent Wait for system problems Do not fall into fraud Take responsibility and take responsibility #SAFU – CZ Binance (@ cz_binance) February 9, 2021 Decreasing portfolio for those who are still online What can be done with it to deal with its values? Awareness of challenges In an effort to spread a calming effect on things, IOG boss Charles Hoskinson focused on promoting awareness and resilience as a strategy to deal with the stress of life. last week. H.

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