Hong Kong media uses blockchain to protect protest archives

LikeCoin, a decentralized streaming infrastructure on the Cosmos blockchain, is being used to get media coverage of the Hong Kong protests in 2019. As Quartz reported, earlier this month, people started saving large episodes. The city's current affairs program is from Hong Kong Connection. The award-winning program is public broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong. The publisher announced in May that it will delete content in archives older than a year; it is increasingly under the influence of the government. An episode titled "7.21 Who Has Reality" reported an attack on protesters and civilians and raised awareness of Hong Kong police tactics. Stored with Likecoin. Hong Kong is protesting the unique identifier Likecoin, which was launched as beta during the protests in Hong Kong in November 2019, and an official launch is planned for the summer, but independent local news is already using the service. Quartz reported that Stand News and Citizen News applied to LikeCoin to catalog their content. The infrastructure holds the metadata of the content in question – the details include title, author, date, location, and adds a digital "fingerprint", a type called the International Standard Content Number (ISCN). Standard Book Number (ISBN) identifying the books. ISCN marks all changes in content such as deleted or reorganized frames. Meanwhile, the actual content is hosted on the InterPlanetary File System, a decentralized network for storing files, images, applications, and pretty much everything in between. This is not the first time decentralization has been used to support the Hong Kong protest movement, which was deliberately leaderless so that organizers could escape detection. Wars were fought not only on the city streets, but also digitally through messaging applications installed on the laptops and mobile phones of hundreds of thousands of protesters. And now digital e

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