Homeowners offered crypto-backed loans to fund home improvement projects

Since buying a home on its own is a serious investment, homeowners often don’t have enough money to further improve their property. While traditional bank loans are not readily available, the new partnership now advises cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets as collateral and to borrow money directly for kitchen repairs or other repairs.

Kriptozaemki Platform Cooperates With Construction Company
Many homeowners find it difficult to fund home improvement projects that will improve their living standards when faced with the low liquidity of their properties. Applying for a home loan (HELOC) or other bank loans involves checking the loan and approval is time consuming.

Crypto asset lending company Pledge has joined forces with 247pro.com.a construction evaluation and management platform decked out among homeowners to give cryptocurrency holders quick access to home improvement loans they can receive in digital currencies. The two companies recently signed a partnership agreement.

The pledge emphasizes that the deal will give customers the opportunity to use crypto assets as collateral to fund home improvement projects. “It usually takes homeowners months to develop HELOC loans or bank housing. You have to fill out a long loan application, banks do credit checks on all borrowers, ” said Tony y, The company’s chief executive. Chan noted that there is more work:

Loans for real estate can be funded in less than 30 seconds. Borrowers are not required to complete loan applications, we do not conduct credit checks or admissions. Everything happens automatically with smart contracts.

Homeowners can fund home improvement projects without selling cryptocurrencies
“Pledge is a major crypto credit protocol, and with the help of these, hundreds of our clients (construction companies) can implement programs like” redesign your kitchen from 0 down.” for his clients, ” George H. Lee added Founder and CEO 247pro.com, what

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