Historical levels of realized losses

Sometimes the bitcoin market is a crazy ride.
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The Bitcoin network has suffered a historic loss in the past 55 days. More than $ 16 billion has been lost since May 13.
A stable result of the 2021 bitcoin investor class continues as the largest delivery event in bitcoin history shows in terms of total losses in dollars.

Chain data shows that a particularly large number of UTXOs in the 3-6-month age group have recently moved, further supporting the idea that buyers in the $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 decommissioned.

This next point is worth repeating. Don’t allocate more in bitcoins than you can afford to lose, especially when funds are needed in a short period of time. Bitcoin is very volatile, but that’s the main thing:
In the monetization phase of Bitcoin history (what we’re experiencing now), exchange rate volatility is the price you pay for a refund. Without great volatility, the upside potential and investment risk/ returns would not be asymmetric.
This further highlights the simplicity and elegance of the average dollar value in the bitcoin position. A simple daily average dollar value strategy would yield an annual return of 71.02%.

For most market participants, this is the most prudent strategy, and while daily immersion dips into some advanced trading strategies and concepts, for the average investor, daily accumulation is a guaranteed winning strategy.
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It’s very simple.
This was an excerpt from the latest edition of Bitcoin Magazine’s premium Sunday newsletter, The Deep Dive. Na-Cha as one of the first to take these ideas and others

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