High-level fraud: What does it take to promise and cheat?

As you already know, purefi will run IDO simultaneously on both BSCPAD and paid ramps. IDO dated July 27, 2021.

Due to his lack of experience with IDO in particular, PureFi was unaware of many potential scams that could be pulled in the early stages. Here are some examples of fraud threatening purefi’s reputation:

One of these scams is an obvious “winner” in terms of a fake concept and the development of magical things that are promised to users. This particular fraudulent project promised to clean up crypto assets from dirty money (crypto Spring Cleanup Project?) for an approximate fee.

PureFi, along with disBalancer, join forces to shut down the fraudster’s website.

We want our users to be aware of scams and:

Check your areas carefully (!)
None of the trusted projects ask the public for money from users
All services provided are linked to KYC and AML

Stay safe, compliant and decentralized-that’s what we want from all honest Defi market players.


Image by Openclipart-Pixabay vectors

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