Here’s the reason for the peak in ether gas prices

Earlier, ethereum gas prices went up a lot. This was due to the launch of the NFT’s” Stoner Cats”network. The launch of a limited series of NFT has pushed up the cost of the grid’s gas after a frenzied rush to buy parts. Investors have struggled to squeeze in the 10,000 NFT, which was released as part of the Stoner cats show. Mila Kunis, Aston Kutcher and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Actress Mia Kunis has partnered with CryptoKitties to launch the NFT-based animated TV show. The rush to buy the NFT caused the cost of gas to rise to 600 GW after the struggle.

October / Shopify adds trading support for Nft

The costs required to implement NFT in a network are high, given the complex and heavy structure of memory. Because of this, numerous actions were taken to successfully complete the launch of the Stoner Cats.”High gas costs are helping them write quickly on the blockchain. And so the cost of shipping ETH rose to compete with those prices.

These Cats Are Getting Hard
NFT’s” cat stonemasons ” was created as a way to celebrate the premiere of the animated series. NFT “Stoner Cats” are edible at 0.35 ETH each. And despite the high price, all 10.00 NFT sold out in 35 minutes.

“Stoners cats” is an animated series that revolves around five pet cats who are somehow aware of it. This new awareness makes cats aware that they need to rescue their owners from some dangerous situations. The show has a theme of marijuana and cryptography. With a cast from the “A” list: Mila Kunis, Aston Kutcher, Jane Fonda and Seth Mcfarlane. With comedian Chris Rock and ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin.

Fighting for the price of Eth below $ 2300 / source: ethusd on
Interest in NF is explained by the top names of the project. Investors involved in Ethereum-owned vitalik Buterin’s project undoubtedly see it as a profitable business for the future.

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