Here is what is new in Google Chrome 91, out now

Google released a new version of its Chrome browser on May 25, 2021. Chrome 91 Stable is a security and feature update that is being rolled out automatically to all devices the browser is installed on.

Desktop users, those running Chrome on Windows, Linux or Mac systems, can run a manual check for updates to install the new browser version right away; mobile users need to wait for Google to push the update to their devices.

About Google Chrome to display the currently installed version and initiate an update check. Chrome will detect the new version, download it, and install it on the device. A restart is required to complete the upgrade.

The security update fixes 32 security issues in the Chrome web browser as revealed on the Chrome Releases blog. The highest severity rating is high, the second-highest after critical.

Tip: users who don’t want to participate in Google’s Privacy Sandbox can turn the trials off on this page: chrome://settings/privacySandbox

One of the main new features of Chrome 91 is support for pasting files that are in the Clipboard of the operating system. Chrome users who want to upload files to a web service could use a file browser or drag & drop, if supported by the web service, up until now. The ability to paste files that are referenced in the Clipboard adds a new option to this. Just use Ctrl-V to paste the file information and the site will accept it just like any other method that it supports.

Paste to initiate the process. Sites have read-only access, writing is not supported. The feature is supported by WebKit already.

Other changes in Chrome 91
Here is a short overview of other important changes in Chrome 91:

Tab Groups that are collapsed will be frozen by Chrome automatically to free up system resources. Exceptions include tabs that play audio and some other types of activity.
Installed PWAs may now be started with the operating system on the desktop. Use the flag chrome://flags/#enable-desktop-pwas-run-on-os-login to configure the behavior.
HTTP port 10080 is blocked to mitigate the NAT Slipstream 2.0 attack.
GravitySensor API enabled by default.
Refresh of menu items in Chrome for Android (following the desktop release in Chrome 83).
WebOTP API support on Android for cross-origin iframes if enabled by a permission policy.
Support for JSON modules.
WebAssembly SIMD support.
WebTransport protocol framework support that "enables clients constrained by the Web security model to communicate with a remote server using a secure multiplexed transport".
JavaScript will support modules in service workers.
DNS over HTTPS is now available on Linux

Now You: do you use Chrome? What is your take on the new release?

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