Hello to a million participants in less than 100 days

Community-Based Fintech Platform Experiencing Rapid Growth

With container technology and human potential to maximize the scalable, non-profit fintech platform, has reached an important milestone in hi, and 100 days after the launch of the private beta welcomed its millionth user. The Platform expanded rapidly after the release of the beta version, the release of the hi Dollar (HI) token, and the introduction to Uniswap. Currently, global hi membership consists of users in more than 150 countries.

Operated by the hi Foundation, a Singaporean non-profit organization, Hi is a platform that uses blockchain technology to build community-based financial services. It has entrenched itself as a futuristic fintech startup decoupling the gap between traditional Fiat money-based finance and cryptocurrencies. The team builds on previous experience of leading crypto, technology and financial institutions, including Alibaba.. Bitcoin.com. Crypto.com GLG, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Tencent.

Hi co-founder Sean Reich highlighted his joy at reaching this milestone: “a million participants in less than 100 days is great. We are stunned and humiliated by the overwhelming support of our community. We are one of the fastest growing blockchain communities in the world, and this is just the beginning. We are building an ecosystem of banking and Internet services for the benefit of our members and look forward to welcoming tens of millions of new members in the coming months.”

Maximizing Membership Value Rather Than Profit

Unlike most fintech startups, hi focuses on nurturing and maximizing membership value rather than profit for investors. The Platform reached one million users without ads, but focused only on the unique features and offerings it supported. 

The platform’s first product, based on its own HI token, is a digital wallet that offers participants an easy and convenient way

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