Hedera and Animoca brands develop a soccer game based on Helix Warp and NFT

Animoca Brands announced an agreement with Hedera Hashgraph by purchasing Helix Accelerator. The agreement provides for the development of two distributed game projects based on one notebook. NFT-based football game Animoca Brands trio, Hedera Hashgraph and Helix will jointly develop an NFT-based football game. The game will attempt to use the intellectual property of football clubs licensed by Animoca Brands. Additionally, exchangeable NFTs are supported in-game by Hedera Network's native currency, HBAR. All NFTs supported by HBAR can be used for HBAR after a cool down period. This is the first time an NFT can be redeemed for a guaranteed amount of underlying crypto assets. Helix Warp Animoca Brands, Hedera Hashgraph, and Helix will also jointly develop Helix Warp. Helix Warp is an independent and distributed online gaming platform. The partnership hopes to create an ecosystem of game-related services and products that are decentralized and fair. A decentralized and fair ecosystem will go a long way in tackling the scourge of online multiplayer games. Helix Warp creates a server-side simulation environment using the Hedera consensus service to capture game results and to deal with and prevent cheating. Game developers can also use Helix Warp to distribute hack-resistant leaderboards. Helix Warp will initially focus on HTML5 games and support the ecosystem with Helix Warp tokens. The Hedera Consensus Service and Hedera Token Service NFT-based football game and Helix Warp will use both the Hedera Consensus Service and the Hedera Token Service as the core layers of the technology. The Consensus Service will act as a trust layer for applications or a network with authorization and allow the creation of verifiable and unalterable message logs. The token service manages the management, configuration and transfer of high-speed, exchangeable and non-brackets.

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